Jon Hamm is Friends With Kids, maybe Hathaway and Wiig

Jon Hamm seems to be Hollywood's new "it" boy, despite not even having acted until he was almost 30 (he's 39 now). But he's the star of what most claim to be the best show on TV right now (Mad Men) and that honor is landing him movie roles left and right.

So far, they haven't been particularly memorable, as no one really saw THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, but he does have a major part in Ben Affleck's THE TOWN, and is now looking to line up another project. FRIENDS WITH KIDS sounds a bit creepy, but it's supposedly about how friendships between people change once they start pairing off and having kids.

The script is written by Hamm's longtime girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt and the two say they're looking for Kristin Wiig and Anne Hathaway to star alongside them in the film. I'm not sure if this is meant to be a comedy or a drama, though the inclusion of Wiig would probably indiciate the former.

I'm a fan of Hamm on Mad Men, but I have yet to see him transcend the role of Don Draper, and his last shot at comedy on 30 Rock was a bit hit or miss for me.

What do you make of Hamm as a film actor?

Extra Tidbit: I think we can all agree Christina Hendricks is the Mad Men cast member that REALLY needs to break into film. Preferably as Red Sonja or Barbarella.
Source: Showbiz411



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