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Jon Stewart will interview George Lucas again at Star Wars Celebration V


Back in January, noted STAR WARS geek Jon Stewart interviewed George Lucas on "The Daily Show", and the host is getting another shot at the intergalactic mastermind in a much bigger forum.

In fact, it's literally the main event at the fifth STAR WARS Celebration, being held August 12-15 in Orlando: "The hour-long, candid conversation will spark a discourse sure to shed light on the storied history of the STAR WARS Saga". Find out all the details and a list of the guests and events (including ROBOT CHICKEN and the one-man saga) at the official site, where fans can also submit their own questions for Lucas.

You can check out the original Stewart/Lucas interview below. And for the hell of it, here's the first appearance of Boba Fett (in animated form) from the infamous STAR WARS Christmas Special. 

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Extra Tidbit: This year's Celebration will feature a "Death Star Disco". I may just have to go...



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