Jonah Hex isn't delayed, but this guy from the band Mastodon hints otherwise

I was thinking we should start a search party to look for JONAH HEX.

We haven't gotten anything new from the film. They throw us a poster or still to let us know the project is still alive, but there's no trailer. All we get is this talk of delays for this or that reason.

Now they've popped back up again to let us know that every thing is going hunky dory! A spokesperson for the studio insists a trailer is going to debut before A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. They also insist that the film is still sticking to its June 18th release date. Then on top of all that director Jimmy Hayward sent a text to the source of this story, New York mag's Vulture to say, "Trailer and film are looking great!" Whatever you say crazy man! It's just hard to believe with all the reshoots and other problems this film has had.

A slight difference of opinion came from frontman of the band Mastodon, Brent Hinds who said, "What I’ve seen so far doesn’t seem to be finished to me. I’d heard a little rumor: 'This shit ain’t gonna be ready.' But then again, Warner Bros. is such a f*cking bastard. They’re like, 'The shit comes out on the day it’s supposed to.' But what do I know? I’m just the dude to whom they’re like, ‘Hey, play some crazy f*ckin’ music!'"

Quick backstory: His band was hired to work with the film's composer John Powell on the score. Then next thing you know Francis Lawrence comes in to do reshoots or "consult" on the film with Hayward. When the reshoots came Powell had to go due to other commitments, so another composer was brought in, Marco Beltrami (REPO MEN). This caused some problems for Hinds, “All of a sudden, there’s this new guy, who went in a different direction. And there was no way he could connect with me: They brought all the new scenes to us, but I was on tour this entire time, so I had no time to preconceive what I wanted the movie to sound like. Being so busy ... it's hard to be creative when you're going through the same motions every day [onstage]."

Hinds says they are still working on the soundtrack, but his statements make me wonder if JONAH HEX will arrive on time. I also wonder how good this film is going to be with all the drama that's been going on. I guess we'll see...sooner or later.

Extra Tidbit: Did anyone see the footage at Comic-Con? The only thing I went to in Hall H was the final LOST panel.
Source: Vulture



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