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Jonah Hill on TF2


Apparently, Jonah Hill is a much cooler guy than you probably thought. He spoke to MTV recently about what exactly happened with regards his reported role in TRANSFORMERS 2:

ďI just think like I have to prove myself more in what Iím doing now, making comedies and stuff before I do the big action movie or something, you know? Iím not proven yet... Iíve only been in one movie that people have seen that Iíve been the lead in so like, um, I could still suck in peopleís minds, they donít know yet! It was very cool of them but I thought I should make some more comedies first, you know? I think itís going to be an awesome movie. Unfortunately, Iím not in it.Ē

So great, on top of being richer and more famous than I am, he is also a lot more level-headed. If Michael Bay asked me to play a goblin with gender confusions, I'd be there in a heartbeat. And you know what? I'd rock that thing. Screw Jonah Hill. You think this makes him a cool guy? One time he tried to sell me crack, that's all I'm saying.
Extra Tidbit: Hill also says he has a role for Johnny Depp in his 21 Jump Street project: ďWe have an awesome thing for Depp, if heíll do it, I donít know if he will or not, [but] itís going to be rad!Ē
Source: MTV



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