Jonah Hill's writers sign to write Baywatch movie

Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka have one of the hottest comedy scripts in Hollywood right now with the Jonah Hill comedy THE SITTER. Their spec script, which was written with Hill in mind to star, was picked up by Fox and David Gordon Green will direct later this year. It's that subversive take on a tried-and-true tale that prompted Paramount to bring in Gatewood and Tanaka to write the upcoming BAYWATCH movie.

While the film has been in development for years now (with everyone including Eli Roth involved at one point), Paramount is looking to make the film a priority and is hoping for a summer 2011 release. Jeremy Garelick, writer of THE BREAK-UP, signed on to make his directorial debut with the film last year. The tone of the film that Paramount is looking for from Gatewood and Tanaka is described as a mix between STARSKY & HUTCH and CHARLIE'S ANGELS, two previous TV-to-movie adaptations that proved successful.

I'll always be slightly skeptical of a BAYWATCH movie but this is a great step in the right direction. Now let's try and figure out who could possibly star in this film...

Extra Tidbit: I'm saying it right now: Diora Baird.
Source: THR



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