Jonah to Jump Street?

While Jonah Hill didn't make it into another 80s fixture in the TRANSFORMERS sequel, he might make it into another 80s-based movie. According to Entertainment Weekly, Jonah Hill has signed with Sony to write and produce an upcoming feature based on the late-80s Fox series "21 Jump Street." "Jump Street" is best known for launching the career of Johnny Depp (and the sons of Dom DeLuise, which we should not be so thankful for). It apparently hasn't been decided whether Hill will star in the film or not but considering Hill doesn't have a writing credit to his name yet, I'd imagine starring would be some kind of qualifier. Sony wouldn't give up any details on the movie as to whether Hill would be adding a comedic spin but perhaps it'll be similar in tone to Seth Rogen's GREEN HORNET (comedy mixed with action or vice versa) that's also set up at Sony. The only bummer in the news is that Neal Moritz (STEALTH) is producing the film for Sony. Hill is currently filming THIS SIDE OF THE TRUTH with Ricky Gervais and Jennifer Garner.

Extra Tidbit: If you're Johnny Depp do you come back to make a cameo?



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