Jonah transforms

Jonah Hill is in talks to co-star with Shia LaBeouf in TRANSFORMERS 2 according to Entertainment Weekly. Hill would play Chuck, Sam Witwicky's Princeton roommate. Chuck runs a conspiracy theory website and as Sam is drawn back into the world of the Transformers, Chuck is shocked to learn that some of his conspiracies are true. So kinda like Anthony Anderson from the first film except about 100 times funnier. Hill is the first new addition to the cast that has leaked out. You can also expect a new love interest and Sam's brother Eric to be cast in the coming weeks. Michael Bay is gearing up to begin filming on TRANSFORMERS 2 this summer with Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, the writers on the first film, teaming with Ehren Kruger (THE RING) for the script. IESB previously reported that Transformer group Constructicons would be making an appearance in the film. Hill is currently filming THIS SIDE OF THE TRUTH for Ricky Gervais.

Extra Tidbit: Dustin Hoffman gave Hill his big break in I HEART HUCKABEES.



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