Jonah wields Machete?

There's a certain movie I have seen that I'm not allowed to talk about but I will say this: Jonah Hill is absolutely one of the funniest actors working today. His little 5-minute "Brundan" scene in NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2 was the best part of the whole movie and then if you assume that he's an upcoming movie and you assume that a person you knew saw that movie, that person might say that Jonah Hill was also one of the best parts of that movie (damn embargoes!!!).

While Jonah just wrapped a starring role in GET HIM TO THE GREEK, he's apparently set for a supporting role in a different type of film. Bloody-Disgusting is reporting that Jonah Hill is set to co-star in MACHETE, the Robert Rodriguez directed film that's based on the Danny Trejo short film from GRINDHOUSE. Hill would co-star in the film with Robert De Niro and Michelle Rodriguez who are also apparently in talks to join the cast.

All we know so far about Hill's character is that he's set to play "Julio" with De Niro playing a crooked senator that frames Machete. The project is set to begin filming later this month with Rodriguez co-directing alongside Ethan Maniquis so expect more details to leak out. Click here to read more at Bloody-Disgusting!

Extra Tidbit: Not starring in TRANSFORMERS 2 looks like the best possible career move Jonah Hill ever made.



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