Jonathan Banks to reunite with Bob Odenkirk for Better Call Saul

How can you have BETTER CALL SAUL without Mike Ehrmantraut?

You can’t. So it’s probably a good thing that Jonathan Banks is joining the BREAKING BAD prequel.

Mike, who we first come to know as Gustavo Fring’s right hand man also served as Saul’s private investigator, cleaner, and fixer. I’d love to talk about some of my favorite Mike scenes but I know some of you are just now getting around to watching BREAKING BAD. I will say that Banks nails the character especially in his exchanges with Saul, who grates his nerves on more than one occasion.

The prequel will chronicle the days before Walter White sought after the council of Saul’s special kind of expertise. I always thought it was funny that a shopping mall lawyer was so capable.

Currently, Odenkirk and Banks are the only ones signed on from the original BREAKING BAD cast. Series creator Vince Gilligan stated early on that he wanted Banks to return as a regular, and eventually, Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston might make their way back. Huell is a shoe-in, right?

BETTER CALL SAUL is set to debut on AMC this November.

Source: Deadline



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