Jonathan Levine does zombie romcom with Warm Bodies

Jonathan Levine, director of such films as ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE, THE WACKNESS, and the upcoming I'M WITH CANCER is set to direct a zom-rom-com based on the book "Warm Bodies" by Isaac Marion.

"Bodies" is about a zombie who doesn't remember his name, but rather sweetly falls in love with fellow zombie, Emily. Our main zombie character thinks his name used to start with "T" and can't remember what his life was like. T figures that he used to be some sort of young professional or businessman based off his tattered attire. He wishes he could remember more and all he wants is love.

If you're interested you can check out the first person excerpt the author posted over here.

The project is set up over at Summit Entertainment with producer Bruna Papanadrea (MILK & sister of the awesome MFC'er Marcey). "Bodies" has yet to be released, however, Levine has just started the script in the last few weeks and is expected to turn it in before shooting CANCER with James McAvoy and Seth Rogen.

Here is the trailer Marion made for his book back in 2008:

Extra Tidbit: If you read the excerpt, who would you want to play the main flesh eating character?
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