Jones leaves Lincoln

When I first heard that Tommy Lee Jones had split from his directing and starring duties for THE LINCOLN LAWYER I thought, "Wait, there was ANOTHER Abraham Lincoln project going on?" But no, the synopsis of the Michael Connelly novel-turned-film is as follows:

Moderately successful criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller operates all around the large area of Los Angeles county out of a Lincoln Town Car driven by a former client working off his legal fees (hence the title); most of his clients are drug dealers and gangsters, but the book deals with an unusually important case: the wealthy Los Angeles realtor Louis Roulet is accused of assault and attempted murder by a woman, and at first he appears to be innocent and set up by the "victim."

No dead presidents in there. Tommy Lee Jones was supposed to direct and co-star with Matthew McConaughey, but left over “creative differences" about the script, or in other words, he thought it sucked. But Lakeshore still has that script from John Romano and will now try to replace Jones in order to start filming next spring.

Extra Tidbit: What would you call the “best” Matthew McConaughey movie (one where he’s the main lead)?
Source: Variety



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