Jonny Quest movie?

In the interest of full disclosure, I've never seen an episode of "Jonny Quest." Strange seeing as how I watched pretty much every other Hanna-Barbera cartoon ever created, but for some reason "Jonny" never appealed much to me. He does have that huge cult following though and Warner Bros. is wise to strike while the vintage cartoon nostalgia is still hot. The studio and producers Adrian Askarieh and Dan Alter (HITMAN) are teaming to bring a live-action JONNY QUEST film to the big screen. Rookie screenwriter Dan Mazeau will write the first draft for the studio. The studio is looking to launch a new teen-oriented actiton franchise as HARRY POTTER is winding down and has only two installments left. Hard to believe that sometime in the next couple years we'll have big-budget features based on both "Speed Racer" and "Jonny Quest." "Quest" despite its popularity, only ran for one season during its initial run in the 1960s. The property was relaunched as a comic book and Cartoon Network series later in its life.

Extra Tidbit: Mazeau graduated with honors from UC Berkeley with a degree in physics. Smart dude...
Source: Variety



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