Jonze directing Geisha?

I really hope that Spike Jonze doesn't follow up ADAPTATION and BEING JOHN MALKOVICH with a film like MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA.  Don't get me wrong - I have nothing against GEISHA.  Under another director's hands it could probably be some fancy pants Oscar film.  And don't get me wrong again - it's not that I don't think Jonze could make a good GEISHA film.  But why waste his creativity and originality on telling that story?  Look at what he did with MALKOVICH and just look at a synopsis of ADAPTATION and GEISHA just doesn't fit.  Get Ron Howard or Milos Forman or someone along those lines to do GEISHA.  Let Spike Jonze do something different.   Personally, I'd love to see him take on the BENJAMIN BUTTON story of the woman and man fall in love as they age in different directions.  Oh well.  This isn't to say that this is a done deal.  The report is that Columbia will offer Jonze the directing role (after Spielberg left the production high and dry) because they are so happy with the work he's done on ADAPTATION.  Will he take it?  Who knows.  They may throw tons of cash at him that would make it hard to turn down.  I just hope he keeps veering off to the left instead of back to the middle.

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