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Jonze gets Boxes


Spike's Plea

Director Spike Jonze isn’t done with wild themes apparently, having just acquired the rights to Shane Jones’ recently published debut novel LIGHT BOXES.

Set in a community of hot air balloonists, the story sees one villager declare war on February following the increasing disappearance of the village’s children populace. Described as a visual book full of metaphors, it should put Jonze right at home among its exploration of death, love and futility. Not necessarily in that order.

Spike will however only serve as a producer on BOXES, with first-time director Ray Tintori contracted for the big chair. Jonze will instead invest all his marbles in putting the finishing touches to WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, whose trailer was to me the very best part of HALF BLOOD PRINCE in theatres. Not that I hated HP6, mind you. Who’s up for watching that trailer once more with me?

Extra Tidbit: I assume the novel dwells in the fantasy realm, Ďcause if we can actually wage war against a month, next year Iím firing a few warning shots up Tax Seasonís a**!
Source: Variety



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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