Joseph Fiennes and Eva Green go to cable for Camelot

It's not quite "The Sopranos", but I've gotta hand it to the original programming on Starz -- the cringe-comedy "Party Down" is hilarious, and while I was prepared to write off "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" as merely a blatant 300 knockoff (and it is), it turned out to be consistently compelling and surprising as it redefined the word "gratuitous". (You can stream it on Netflix and see for yourself.)

So I'm automatically interested in Starz's upcoming "Camelot" series, especially when it draws talent like Eva Green (CASINO ROYALE) and Joseph Fiennes (recently liberated from "FlashForward").

Described as "a contemporary retelling of the Arthurian legend", the series will star Jamie Campbell Bower as the young Arthur. Bower is best known as Anthony in SWEENEY TODD and Caius Volturi in TWILIGHT: NEW MOON, and his "Camelot" Guinevere will be played by Tamsin Egerton (ST. TRINIAN'S). Green plays sexy sorceress Morgana and Fiennes has the key role of wizard Merlin.

The series will begin airing in early 2011.

Extra Tidbit: If it follows the form of "Spartacus", it should be excessively stylish, melodramatic and ridiculous. I can't wait.
Source: Starz



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