Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson to star in Diablo Cody's upcoming zombie flick?

Diablo Cody is producing a "zombie love story" called BREATHERS: A ZOMBIE LAMENT from writer Geoff Latulippe (GOING THE DISTANCE), an adaptation of the 2009 S.G. Browne novel. And now according to Pajiba, Jospeh Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson are "loosely" attached (whatever the hell that means) to star.

"The movie is a romantic comedy about Andy, a dead man who discovers himself newly re-animated as a mid-aged, decaying zombie who must figure out what it means to live as an Un-dead in a society that denies his kind basic rights," says Pajiba. The script has apparently just been completed by Latulippe and is now being shopped around to directors.

While Johansson has remained relatively quiet since IRON MAN 2, JGL on the other hand has been pretty busy. Sometime this year we should be seeing the actor in the Jonathan Levine (THE WACKNESS) cancer comedy LIVE WITH IT opposite Anna Kendrick, Seth Rogen, and Bryce Dallas Howard. He's currently filming PREMIUM RUSH for David Koepp and is expected to reunite with his BRICK director Rian Johnson for the sci-fi film LOOPER with Bruce Willis.
Extra Tidbit: Even with Levitt "loosely" attached (I could take or leave ScarJo to be honest), a very good director would have to come aboard this film to kill the utter indifference I'm feeling right now.
Source: Pajiba



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