Joseph Gordon-Levitt signs for two action films

Joseph Gordon-Levitt worked hard in indie dramas after leaving "3rd Rock From the Sun" earning rave reviews as an actor and not just a teen idol. All that hard work is paying off as Gordon-Levitt has signed on to star as the lead in two upcoming action films.

First, Gordon-Levitt will star in PREMIUM RUSH, a thriller that follows a New York City bike messenger who's being chased by a dirty cop desperate to get his hands on a package. The script was written by Steven Spielberg's go-to writer David Koepp who will also direct the film. Sony put the project on the fasttrack in November but apparently even the fasttrack can move slow sometimes. The film is imagined as a big-budget action film and I can only hope they get rid of that title, which makes it sound like a direct-to-DVD movie starring Skeet Ulrich.

While PREMIUM RUSH is all well and good, I'm actually really excited about this news. After wrapping the bike messenger film, Gordon-Levitt will star in LOOPER, the action-based time travel film that will reunite him with writer/director Rian Johnson (BRICK). The film takes place in the future when time travel has been perfected. The Hollywood Reports says the film goes like this: ssassins are sent back in time to kill criminals before they commit their crimes. As it would have it, his character is sent back in time to kill himself.

But Johnson updated on Twitter saying they have the logline backward and that "hit men are sent their victims from crime orgs in the future." So presumably the younger JGL has to kill an older JGL? And loop that would continue, hence the title.

Extra Tidbit: Nobody deserves it more than Gordon-Levitt.
Source: THR



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