Josh runs to End Zone

Josh Harntett, Kat Dennings and Sam Rockwell have signed on to star in an upcoming adaptation of Don DeLillo's novel END ZONE. The film will star Hartnett as a big-time Texas college football player struggling with his path to stardom. (Hartnett is going to be 30 next year - is he really believable as a 20-year-old college student?) Rockwell will play the university's publicist looking to make a name for Hartnett's quarterback. Dennings will play the temptress who falls for the guy and distracts him with her hot body. George Ratliff (JOSHUA) will direct the film from a script by David Gilbert. The film will be independently financed and later shopped to a studio. DeLillo wrote the novel in 1972 and later in his career won a National Book Award for "White Noise" (and no, not the bad Michael Keaton thriller). Hartnett is currently filming the thriller I COME WITH THE RAIN. Filming on END ZONE is scheduled to begin next February.

Extra Tidbit: Rockwell just starred in Ratliff's last film JOSHUA.
Source: Variety



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