Josh Trank to lead an adaptation of comic book The Red Star

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Josh Trank, the much-lauded director of CHRONICLE - I say "much lauded" as most reviews of the film, as well as my own thoughts, have tended to focus on praising the direction he provided - has been set by Warner Bros. to develop and direct the long-gestating adaptation of comic book THE RED STAR.

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I have to say that I like this idea ever so much more than Josh Trank spending his time working on a reboot of The Fantastic Four.  Or a spin-off VENOM movie for that matter.  Both are projects that Trank has been in talks for, and perhaps he'll still do them, but for now it is THE RED STAR which has the most forward motion with a writer named Jason Rothenberg currently at work.  Rothenberg also scripted the TWILIGHT ZONE movie currently being worked on by Matt Reeves. 

I'd love to see THE RED STAR sooner rather than sooner, but who knows how long it will take for Trank to "develop" the project? More as we hear it.

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The plot (in very basic terms): RED STAR is set in an alternate USSR where futuristic technology co-mingles with magical elements. The protagonist is a Red Fleet soldier who goes up against an ex-leader who rules with an iron fist.

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Extra Tidbit: I agree with my friend who calls The Fantastic Four "The Fantastic Bore." While they were fun back when I was young, I don't find them to be all that engaging anymore. But Northlanders? Now that shit is awesome.



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