Joshua poster/trailer

Update 2: Ok, the real trailer is HERE.

Update: Whoops, didn't realize it was the DAYWATCH trailer. While I figure out what the hell's going on, there's still the poster to look at.


By all accounts, the psychological thriller JOSHUA provided audiences with a terrifying good time at this year's Sundance Film Festival. And in order to keep the positive buzz going, Fox Searchlight was cool enough to send us the film's poster and trailer. The poster you can see by clicking on the banner above but before you peep the trailer, here's an official plot synopsis so things are a little clearer:

JOSHUA is the tale of Brad (Sam Rockwell) and Abby (Vera Farmiga) Cairn, perfect Manhattan parents in a perfect Manhattan apartment whose perfect life begins to crack after the birth of their second child Lily. Shortly after Lily arrives home, a dark side of prodigy son Joshua slowly begins to reveal itself.

Alright, so maybe that plot description didn't so much makes things clearer as keep them frustratingly vague. It's probably better to know as little as possible going in, anyway, as the film is likely to have a surprise twist or two. In any case, it opens July 6th.

Extra Tidbit: Check out the film's official site HERE.
Source: Fox Searchlight



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