Joss Whedon calls Planet Hulk rumors "nonsense"

While Joss Whedon continues to scribble away on his script for THE AVENGERS 2, he's also out promoting his little black and white film, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, a contemporary take on the Shakespeare classic.  IGN caught up with the prolific director, who just wrapped the pilot for the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show and asked if there was any truth to the recently reported rumors of the Hulk getting a new movie in the form of Planet Hulk and, subsequently, World War Hulk for THE AVENGERS 3.  Whedon's response was short and to the point:

Well I’m really not supposed to comment, but no, that’s nonsense.

That's the second time someone from inside the camp has denied the Planet Hulk rumors.  Does this mean it's 100% bullshit at this point?  Who's to say, really?  Marvel would be wise to deny it at this point, as they likely want to keep the focus on the projects currently in development, rather than ones that aren't even in script phase.  Still, hearing it from Whedon does put a damper on the whole thing, but, he too is known for being a sneaky one with rumors.  I wouldn't call it a day on the rumors just yet, but I wouldn't hold my breath either.  This falls squarely in the "if it happens cool, if it doesn't, then whatever" category.

Marvel has rolled the dice on solo Hulk films twice now and I'm sure they're more than a little hesitant to jump right back into another green goliath onscreen adventure without some serious interest and financial reliability (i.e. THE AVENGERS 2 box office) before it happens.

Joss Whedon's MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING hits theaters on, while THE AVENGERS 2 is slated for May 1, 2015.

Extra Tidbit: Whether they do it or not, I think a Planet Hulk movie would be great. The common complaint is that Banner isn't in it, but I don't think it would be that difficult to work him into the story somehow if that were the deal breaker. What do you think?
Source: IGN



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