Journalist calls out Shyamalan for being delusional, he reacts accordingly

I don't know what to make of M. Night Shyamalan. Set visit reports and interviews with the man characterize his as just a very nice guy, which makes ripping into his movies kind of a sad prospect.

But contrastingly, the man isn't quite living in reality. There is almost universal consensus that each of his movies has been worse than his last (though personal preference accounts for some slights shifts in ranking order), yet he maintains that there is not anything wrong with any of them. Not at all. And if you think so, you don’t know what you’re talking about and you should probably drop dead. Literally.

Such is the case with this video, where he addresses a Mexican journalist with venom who has dared to imply that his past work is better than his current work, and he’s losing fans because of it. She also indicates he did THE LAST AIRBENDER to try and recapture some fans with a more mainstream movie.

Shyamalan loses it, albeit in a rather calm fashion, and says if he “thought like you, he would kill himself” and she must have looked up that description of his career “on Google” as that’s in no way an accurate summation of his body of work. He also berates her for saying he did THE LAST AIRBENDER for the money, even though she really said he probably did it to try and regain fans.

I just think he comes off like a delusional dick here, talking about all the money he’s made and turned down and how other countries actually love THE HAPPENING. If the man really cannot see a quality disparity in his films, that really explains a lot as to why they keep getting worse. I understand an artist sees his own work differently than others, but Shyamalan just is being willfully ignorant here.

What do you guys think about the man at this point?

Extra Tidbit: In the theater for INCEPTION, everyone seemed very interested in DEVIL until they ACTUALLY GROANED when M. Night Shyamalan’s name appeared on the screen. UPDATE: YES, someone actually took a video of it.



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