Journey 3-D poster

At this point 3-D movie technology cannot be stopped and I have relinquished my citizenship of the second dimension and am boldly following the studios into the third. Having said that, I still haven't had a true 3-D experience in the theatre, and probably won't until AVATAR comes out. But having said that, here is an exclusive look from Cinematical at the poster for the upcoming release of JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH 3-D, starring Brendan Fraser.

As you all know, the story is based on a Jules Verne novel, about a scientist who journeys to somewhere, I’m not sure where, in search of his brother. The storyline lends itself well to the 3-D treatment, but the surroundings and creatures in the poster seem poorly rendered, too cartoonish if you ask me. Click on the pic to see the thing in its too-cartoony entirety. You can three-dimensionally journey to the center of the earth with Brendan Fraser on July 11th.

Extra Tidbit: Apparently this movies now called Journey 3-D, officially taking itself out of the running for the longest-title-of-2008 award.
Source: Cinematical



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