Journey to the sequel

JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH director Eric Brevig has been speaking recently about his interest in possibly making a sequel to his movie. He doesn't mention anything about wanting to slice up baby orphans and eat them like ribs, and I didn't do any research to confirm or disconfirm that intent but I have to assume that's the case anyway. This film is ludicrous (as our Mr. Sampson points out) and anyone who wants to inflict a second round on the youth of the world is definitely thinking about the ribs thing.

"At the end of the movie, they find a book about Atlantis. That might be something... If people embrace the movie and want to see these characters on another adventure, we might come up with something.’’

So I guess the silver lining is that if we fantasize that we live in a world that is just and fair, that this thing will be killed when nobody embraces the film. But let's face it, kids today are morons. Not your kids, but just kids in general. Your kids rock.
Extra Tidbit: Shitty movie aside, Fraser seems like a really cool guy.
Source: Moviehole



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