JP4 clarification

There's been a load of talk about the impending JURASSIC PARK IV movie, ranging from the moderately interesting (for example, the re-casting of Laura Dern) to the completely absurd (for example, that the movie will focus on a bunch of Dinosaurs that have been trained for battle by the government and are equipped with weapons), but for now we have what seems like something concrete:

Steven Spielberg’s personal reps at Amblin Entertainment (co-producers of the “Jurassic Park” franchise) have told SpielbergFilms.com that casting has not commenced on the film, as the story and screenplay are still in development. While there’s been talk over the years with series stars Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum and most recently, Laura Dern, the property is still not ready to move forward toward production and no casting is taking place.

The film is in development but it would seem, not at the point the rumors would have you believe. I think it's probably for the best that we just assume the film will be directed by Steven Spielberg and will be about dinosaurs. Suddenly it sounds like it might be okay again. Stay tuned for new developments, probably in relation to the movie being about a T-Rex that has a penchant for original Gucci handbags, causing her to run riot at the Malaysian black market.
Source: SpielbergFilms



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