Judd Apatow updates us on the next Pee-Wee Herman movie

You guys didn’t forget about the next PEE WEE HERMAN movie, did you?

The last news we received on the film was that production should begin in 2014. But how long have we been talking about this though? The first time was back in 2009. Next year in 2010, Judd Apatow jumped on as producer. Unfortunately, all we’ve gotten is just updates. Well, I hate to say it but I have another update.

Apatow told THR that he recently went to see PEE-WEE LIVE, and it cracked him and wife, Leslie Mann up which then proceeded with this exchange:

THR: You were going to do a film with him?

JUDD APATOW: We're pretty close to getting that going.

THR: Does it have a title or subject?

JUDD APATOW: That's a very good question. We've kicked around a couple of titles. Pee-wee takes a Holiday—that was one of them. But we have a great script that he wrote with a friend of mine, Paul Rust and I think we're probably going to get to do that soon.

So I’m guessing it won’t be happening this year as we were told before. I can’t say I’m in love with the name PEE-WEE TAKES A HOLIDAY. Reminds me of BEETLEJUICE HAWAIIAN VACATION.

Are you guys still excited for this?

Source: THR



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