Jude, Renee and Nicole

Tom Cruise bailed out on the Anthony Minghella's drama COLD MOUNTAIN, but that hasn't left the director without any A-list stars for his film.   Jude Law is set to reunite with his TALENTED MR. RIPLEY director (who led him to an Academy Award nomination) and step in the role Cruise vacated.  Nicole Kidman has signed to star alongside Law as his love interest, Ada, and rounding out this trio of really good-looking people is Renee Zellweger, who will play Kidman's sister, Ruby.   MOUNTAIN has been a pet project of Minghella's since the novel by Charles Frazier was first released.  It's taken some time to get it off the ground and once Cruise became attached, they were simply waiting for his schedule to open.  But after filming MINORITY REPORT, the star decided he'd rather move on to other things.

Hot, Hot, Hot

MOUNTAIN tells the tale of Civil War soldier Inman (Law), travelling back home to his lover while nursing wounds he suffered in the war.   Expect this film to be an early frontrunner for the Academy Awards in whatever year it's released, despite the fact it sounds like it could be a real snoozer.  Law is currently getting set to star as Dr. Jekyll in THE DIARY OF A YOUNG LONDON PHYSICIAN alongside Penelope Cruz, who is dating Tom Cruise, who recently divorced Nicole Kidman, who is starring with Jude Law in COLD MOUNTAIN.  What a sorded state of affairs...

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