Jude the Cross Dresser

Jude as Minx in RAGE

Yes, that pic on the right really is Jude Law, and it's not a publicity stunt nor (thank God) a personal hobby of his. It's the actor's look for his new movie. Sorta.

The "film" called RAGE is presented in 7 episodes all set to debut on mobile phones (or cell phones over here) beginning this week and subsequently on the net thanks to the folks of babelgum.com.

The project from maverick filmmaker Sally Potter follows a young blogger from a fictitious New York fashion house who on his cell phone interviews the players in order to better paint a portrait of the game. The film itself isn't really my cup o'tea, but there's a shit load of awesome talent in there, including Eddie Izzard, Steve Buscemi, Judy Dench, John Leguizamo and of course "Minx", aka Jude Law.

Check out the first episode right down here, and join me in a guttural group gasp at watching another side of Jude Law.

Extra Tidbit: Admit it, you all gasped even though you knew what to expect!
Source: IESB



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