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I originally didn't put much stock in news that Danny Boyle's DNA Films had picked up the cinematic rights to JUDGE DREDD; it WAS after all the nth announcement of a new DREDD film. But persistent reports make me feel I might've been wrong.

The folks of MTV's SplashPage picked up a Tweet from comic book artist Mark "Jock" Simpson where he pretty much confirms the movie is indeed happening AND with Boyle producing (although doubtful he'll step behind cameras). And now the project has a writer to boot, one familiar with Boyle and his work: screenwriter and novelist Alex Garland who penned the source book for THE BEACH  as well as screenplays for 28 DAYS LATER and the amazing SUNSHINE.

The report DOES come from MTV AND spawned from Twitter so let's not bet my mortgage on it just yet, but still that combo of Garland and Boyle would definitely make up for the 1995 memory. Shall we now play "Cast This"? I say Ron Perlman. Who says Tom Jane?

Extra Tidbit: SUNSHINE made me discover Chris Evans in a whole new light, if only for the fact that he was cast in a Danny Boyle film.
Source: MTV



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