Judy Greer, Susan Sarandon join Duplass stoner comedy Jeff Who Lives at Home

The Duplass brothers are in the news again, this time for their upcoming stoner comedy JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME, which has just had the great fortune of landing lovely ladies Judy Greer and Susan Sarandon.

The actresses join Ed Helms ("The Office", THE HANGOVER) and Jason Segel ("How I Met Your Mother", I LOVE YOU, MAN), "two brothers, one of whom is going through a midĀ­life crisis and believes his wife (Greer) is having an affair. The other is a lovable loser who still lives with his mom (Sarandon). One day, the two brothers set out to spy on the wife, with all sorts of unintended consequences."

JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME comes courtesy of Jason Reitman's Right of Way Films and John Malkovich's Mr. Mudd. This same team brought us JUNO, a fact that's given our own Mike Sampson some (understandable) pause.

Greer is currently shooting Alexander Payne's THE DESCENDANTS with George Clooney in Hawaii. You can catch her this June in the upcoming MARMADUKE, and later this fall in Ed Zwick's LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS.

Sarandon will next be seen in theaters in Oliver Stone's WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS which premieres next month at Cannes.
Extra Tidbit: More Judy Greer and Susan Sarandon, 'cause why the hell not?
Source: Variety



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