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Julianne Moore and Kristen Stewart are going Backwoods


Before BREAKING DAWN decides on an Oscar-caliber director, Kristen Stewart will star alongside Julianne Moore in BACKWOODS.

Sources say that Moore's husband Bart Freundlich (lucky bastard) will helm the film.

Not many details are given on the plot of the BACKWOODS, except that it will deal with the end of the world. It probably won't be on the same level as something like Roland Emmerich's 2012. Not like we need another one of those types of films, but playing upon people's fears does decent business at the box office.

BACKWOODS has yet to be fully casted. Freundlich has directed three features, including one that some of you might be familiar with, THE MYTH OF FINGERPRINTS. He also recently helmed four episodes of the amazingly brilliant CALIFORNICATION.

Extra Tidbit: I love CALIFORNICATION, but did not get to see all of season three. Did it end as well as the second?
Source: Showbiz 411



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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