Julius Caesar is Gray

jDirector F. Gary Gray (THE ITALIAN JOB) is going to borrow a page from both Shakespeare and Baz Luhrmann (ROMEO + JULIET) with a contemporary version of Julius Caesar, based on the Oni Press graphic novel JULIUS.

In the book (released several years ago), writer Antony Johnston and artist Brett Weldele transplanted the Bard’s conspiratorial play to the volatile world of criminal enterprises in modern-day London’s East End. In this version, Julius is about to be offered full control over the local crime syndicates, a position he doesn’t want but is willing to accept. Only Julius’ best friend isn’t willing to relinquish power and shows his feelings in one of history’s most famous double-crosses, and must then live (or die) with his duplicitous decision.

The hit-or-miss Gray (A MAN APART, THE NEGOTIATIOR, BE COOL) is attached to direct the "urban" (the Hollywood PC term for "black") gangster drama for Manderlay Pictures. Don Cheadle was reportedly also once interested in adapting the book. Several other Oni Press graphic novels are being adapted to film, including Edgar Wright's upcoming version of the awesome SCOTT PILGRIM series.

Extra Tidbit: Impending star Sam Worthington (AVATAR, TERMINATOR SALVATION) starred in MACBETH, another recent gunned-up modernization of a Shakespeare play.
Source: Variety



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