Jumper site is live

Yesterday, we posted some new pics from Doug Liman's (THE BOURNE IDENTITY) upcoming sc-fi thriller JUMPER, and now the source of those pictures is revealed to us, as the official website has gone live, featuring those pictures, along with a synopsis, a character guide, and a peak into the whole mythology behing Jumpers and Paladins (Jumpers teleport, Paladins kill them).

In my esteemed opinion, Doug Liman has yet to make a bad film. A mediocre film (the one with the most famous couple in the world) maybe, but a bad one, not yet. The site mimcs the apartment of one of the characters, and is very easy to navigate. Just glide the cursor along and click on anything that highlights. Hayden Christensen stars, along with Jamie Bell ( who I predict will be incredibly badass in this film, based on his character's description) and O.C. ingenue Rachel Bilson, as the requisite crush. Samuel L. Jackson (as the head Paladin) and Diane Lane also show up to balance out the film's youthiness. JUMPER is released on February 15 as we await the first trailer.

Extra Tidbit: Hayden Christensen grew up in my home town and I know many people who went to school with him, including one of his best friends (that's how I get laid most of the time).



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