Jumper trailer

So, just as I was talking about Doug Liman yesterday, suddenly the trailer for his new flick JUMPER hit the web today. And you know how sometimes you're watching a trailer and you wonder how something can make you feel like sleeping in just 2 minutes? Well this ain't one of them. Saying this trailer is good for insomnia is like saying Magic: The Gathering is killer for picking up chicks. Go ahead and set it loading over HERE. The thing starts a little slow for about three seconds and then once the action starts it never lets up. The special effects are just incredible, Rachel Bilson is her usually gorgeous self and yeah, I know what you want to hear, we get a red double-decker bus hurtling through a desert at Samuel L. Jackson. I have absolutely no idea where you will ever see that again. Anyway, it's the best trailer I've seen in a long time, so head on back and click play! Unless your internet was fast enough for you to just watch it when I gave you the like, in which case I'm just talking to myself...
Extra Tidbit: Apparently, Eminem turned down an offer to star in this flick.
Source: JumperTheMovie



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