Just Cause goes from your videogame console to your local theater

I have to admit, I only played the recent "sandbox" videogame JUST CAUSE 2 for a couple of weeks before I gave up -- it was just too damn huge.

The property isn't too big for the big screen, though. A feature film is now in development with L + E Pictures (HAMLET 2) and producer Adrian Askarieh, who has experience adapting games to movies (HITMAN, upcoming KANE & LYNCH, eventual SPY HUNTER).

JUST CAUSE revolves around missions carried out by a deadly black ops agent codenamed Scorpion, whose main task is to create chaos and destabilize rogue nations from within and turn the bad guys against one another, YOJIMBO-style.

Screenwriter Michael Ross is working on the script (which, if you've played the games, would seem like it'll involve an escalating series of preposterous action sequences). Ross wrote TURISTAS (commendable for having Olivia Wilde in a tiny bikini for 90 minutes) and worked on the as-yet-unremade remake of NEAR DARK.

Extra Tidbit: The two JUST CAUSE games have sold over 3 million copies combined.
Source: Variety



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