Just Cause movie is an origin story to be based in "a plausible universe"

If you thought Bruce Willis riding a harrier jet in LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD was awesome instead of completely ridiculous, boy have I got a movie for you.

It's the feature film adaptation of the video game JUST CAUSE and the majority of it is spent blowing inordinate amounts of things up, grapple-hooking soldiers to propane tanks and surfing on top of fighter jets.

But L+E Pictures' Adrian Askarieh and Eric Eisner say the film, despite its absurdity, is going to stay grounded in reality, and is an origin story for the Rico "The Scorpion" Rodriguez character.

Action sequences and stunts are described as "hyper-real."

"Obviously, we want to please the fans of the games, otherwise we should not have made a deal for the rights," Askarieh said. "But it's important to realize that films and videogames are two different mediums and although you have to be true to the DNA of the video game, you have to be aware that you are constructing a film which needs to first and foremost work as just that: a film."

"We wanted our Casino Royale, if you will, and Michael (Ross, who wrote TURISTAS) is the perfect writer to execute that," Askarieh said. "He starts from reality and grounds the story in a plausible universe. Once you have done that, the audience will believe all the extraordinary things Rico/The Scorpion does in the story."

There are many video games I feel could make supremely excellent movies, but Just Cause is not among them, as the latest game had the least plot of anything I've played in recent memory. You try to destabilize a country by blowing up every single thing in it. Something about nuclear missiles. The end.

They're welcome to try, as there is an opportunity here for some cool stunts, but I doubt this will be the breakthrough film the video game industry has been waiting for.

Extra Tidbit: That being said, the game itself isn't a bad way to spend 20 hours.
Source: Eurogamer



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