Just in time! Mean Girls game coming to DS

It seems like just yesterday I was buying MEAN GIRLS on DVD, as my theory of "any girl at any given time will always want to watch Mean Girls" was frequently proven true in high school. But alas, it wasn’t yesterday, it was six years ago, so why the hell is a MEAN GIRLS game for the DS a new release?

I’m not quite sure, but the listing on Gamestop says the what the game entails which is “'Mean Girls' will "follow the misadventures of Cady from Jingle Bell Rock to the School Prom…Developed by 505 Games, 'Mean Girls' will allow you to "go up against plastics, jocks, art freaks and math-letes, as you work to play the cliques against each other and become the high school prom queen!"

If my little cousin wasn’t five when this movie came out, this sounds like something that might interest her. I suppose I can give her my copy of the DVD as when you’re 22, girls no longer want to watch MEAN GIRLS.

Gossip sites are making a big fuss over the fact that Lindsay Lohan is nowhere to be found on the box art, claiming that her toxic mug is enough to sink the sales of a title like this. Instead the game opts for the more successful faces of Amanda Seyfried, Rachel McAdams and (to a lesser extent) Lacy Chabert. Man, Lohan really did seem like she had a future back in ’04 huh?

Extra Tidbit: I always thought it odd that Seyfriend and McAdams blew up after this movie but Chabert didn’t. I always thought she was the hottest.
Source: GamestopPopEater



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