Justice League kaput

Ever since it was first announced, reception to WB's JUSTICE LEAGUE has not been overly positive among the fan community, thanks to a rushed production schedule, questionable casting, reported script troubles and potential clashes with established super-franchises.

Those concerns can now be alleviated... or at least delayed. Variety has officially confirmed what we've been hearing and expecting for a few weeks: the project is now on "indefinite hold". The script (which was supposedly so amazing in the first place that the studio couldn't wait to get it made) will be revisited some time after the writers strike is resolved, but the options on the selected cast have lapsed, meaning they may not return to the roles director George Miller was fitting their costumes for.

Speaking of which, Variety sort-of confirms casting that was never officially announced, including Adam Brody as Flash, Armie Hammer as Batman and Megan Gale as Wonder Woman. Actors had already begun gathering in Australia for pre-production, only to get pink slips (along with everyone else who was expecting a few months' work). The project was being hurried for a 2009 summer release, but considering how long it's taken the studio to get their major characters brought to life (or kickstarted) individually, expect the Hall of Justice to be vacant for a while...
Extra Tidbit: For now you'll have to get your summer '09 superhero fix from the WOLVERINE solo flick.
Source: Variety



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