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Justice League promo focuses on Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash


The Flash was never my favorite hero, but I've always liked him. He has a cool costume, and his super speed powers are often used imaginatively (like the ability to shake his molecules super fast to escape binds, or using his arms like tornadoes). I especially became a fan after the JUSTICE LEAGUE cartoon from the early-to-mid 2000's, where he was the legitimately funny jokester of the group (especially when he switched bodies with Lex Luthor).

Anyway "jokester" Barry Allen seems to be the route they're taking the character in JUSTICE LEAGUE, and I'm all for it. Ezra Miller especially seems to be having a blast in the role. Honestly, after the fun-suck that was BATMAN V SUPERMAN, adding some much-needed levity is a major plus, so I can't wait!

Meanwhile, you can next see The Flash in JUSTICE LEAGUE, running to theaters November 17th!

Extra Tidbit: Who's your favorite Flash villain?
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