K-fed's big Night

For the past several months on this website, we've been reporting pretty consistent casting news for the upcoming David Ayer (TRAINING DAY) directed cop thriller NIGHT WATCH. And so far, it's been a steady stream of thespians, including Keannu Reeves, Naomie Harris, Hugh Laurie, Chris Evans, Forest Whitaker, and the rapper Common. Well we can now add another "rapper" to the list because Kevin Federline has just been cast in the film, all but guaranteeing this film a shot at a SAG nomination for best ensemble cast.

The news fittingly comes from In Touch Weekly, since they're the only ones that give a damn about this crackerjack. And us, apparently. Who am I kidding? I'd strangle someone for even an ounce of the fame K-Fed has. No word yet on what role he'd be playing, but supposedly it's "small, but notable." Small? Really? Shocking. The movie centers on an alcoholic cop (Reeves) who must piece his life together after being framed for murder by his mentor (Whitaker). Ayer co-wrote the script with James Ellroy, whose story this is based on. The movies is released on February 17 of next year

Extra Tidbit: Well whaddaya know? A whole article about Kevin Federline without mentioning Britney Spears onc---shit!
Source: Cinematical



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