K. Smith on Twilight

This clip is from SDCC earlier this year, but I thought given the current box office standings it was newly relevant and worthy of posting.

In the video, Smith takes on the Twilight phenomenon which ended up invading the SDCC in a big way this year, and over a chorus of initial boos he explains why he doesn’t have as big a problem with the franchise as everyone else. He says what Star Trek and Star Wars is to 20-40 year-old guys, Twillight is to 8-18 year-old girls (plus a few of their moms), and we shouldn’t begrudge them their fandom, lest we come off as hypocrites.

But in typical Kevin Smith form, by the end it turns into more or less a standup routine about how much Rob Pattinson should be getting laid. In any case, it’s quite funny and you should check it out below.

Extra Tidbit: But the point remains that it's indisputable that STAR WARS is better acted and written that TWILIGHT. Errrr, at least the original trilogy...
Source: JoBlo



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