Kaling writes Lizzie

You know Mindy Kaling best as Kelly Kapoor on "The Office," but if you're not paying attention during the first few minutes of the show, you might miss the credits at the bottom which say that she also writes a lot of the episodes, and is a co-executive producer to boot.

Her talents haven’t gone unnoticed, as she and her writing partner Brent Forrester have lined up their first big screen project for Mandate Pictures. It’s called THE LOW SELF-ESTEEM OF LIZZIE GILLESPIE, and is about a woman with no self-worth who only finds loser guys, until one day things change when she’s pursued by someone surprisingly hot.

Kaling isn’t starring (I'm picturing Tina Fey), but will be in a supporting role, and the movie is being backed by the team behind JUNO, who praise the duo as “the most comically endowed writers out there.” If someone told me I was comically endowed, I’d tell them to get the hell out of my bedroom. Zing!

Extra Tidbit: Michael Scott: You cannot say "I was raped" and expect all of your problems to go away, Kelly. Not again. Don't keep doing that.
Source: Variety



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