Kane & Lynch update

I feel like I'v been talking about a movie based the popular "Kane and Lynch" video game for years now. In fact a quick Google search proves that way back in February of 2007 I was talking about KANE AND LYNCH. So what the hell is going on? Producer Adrian Askarieh recently gave an update to Game Daily (via Slashfilm) and lets us know where things stand.

Regarding the rumors of Bruce Willis starring, Askarieh says it's a done deal and that Willis called it "one of the best action scripts he's ever read." They're working on casting Lynch to Willis' Kane and they've secured financing through Millennium Films and have a March, 2010 start date set. Lionsgate will release the film and longtime Second Unit Director Simon Crane will make his feature directorial debut with the film.

Hopefully all the parts stick together and they can finally get this thing rolling. The interview also includes tidbits on the movie version of JUST CAUSE 2 and what's happening with HITMAN 2 so head over and check it out.

Extra Tidbit: Will Bruce Willis ever be nominated for an Oscar?
Source: Game Daily



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