Karate Kid deets

Like it or not, the KARATE KID remake starring Will Smith's son and Jackie Chan isn't going away. In fact it's getting ready to start filming this summer. Up until now we've only have brief descriptions of what the film would be about (mainly that it would take place in China instead of Los Angeles). Moviehole got their dirty hands on some plot details though and we're getting a clearer (and uglier) picture of what to expect.

You didn't expect to have Jaden Smith be Daniel LaRusso but we now know that his name is "Dre" and he's a video gaming skateboarder. He moves to China with his mother (who takes a big job at a local company) is from there it's pretty much beat-for beat the original movie. Evil dojo, dickhead local and a Mr. Miyagi wanna-be named Mr. Han (that'd be Jackie Chan's character).

There's plenty more on the script at Moviehole, who's scooper says it reads pretty well actually. Could it be true? Check it out and see for yourself. Or you could just head to Crackle and watch the original film again.

Extra Tidbit: There were rumors the film would be retitled THE KUNG FU KID.
Source: Moviehole



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