Karate Kid Redux

In what has got to be one of the weirdest bits of casting news since the announcement that Lindsay Lohan will be playing Rush Limbaugh in an upcoming biopic, Jaden Smith (he born of Will's load) will star in a planned remake of THE KARATE KID.

Don't get me wrong. The kid is cute. And his dad is kind of like a huge star. But he's 10 years old. I'd be surprised if he knows how to use the potty, let alone beat someone up. But alas, we live in the age of the tween, and this kid will probably be the next, well, Will Smith. Speaking of which, Big Willie is set to produce and the film will be shot in Beijing. How bad could it be? Whatever the case--Jaden, listen carefully. You better give this thing your all cause you got some mighty big shoes to fill (both Will's and Ralph's).
Extra Tidbit: Jaden probably couldn't even beat up Hilary Swank. I know I could.
Source: Variety



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