Karate Kid writer

Just one month before filming is set to begin on the Will Smith produced KARATE KID remake, the studio has hired a new writer to do some "work" on the script. Steven Conrad, who previously worked with Smith on THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS, will spend the next few weeks sweeping the proverbial knee of the original draft written by Chris Murphy. The exact nature of the work (major changes or a minor polish?) remain to be seen and while it's certain to get a lot of negative spin on the web, it's not an uncommon move for a project to get a last minute tweak (what's odd is that the studio announced it). The film stars Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan and Taraji P. Henson in, well, THE KARATE KID. The only differences being that the story takes place in Japan and this one has no Martin Kove (Fatal Flaw #1). Harald Zwart is directing the film for Sony.

Extra Tidbit: The KARATE KID theme, "You're the Best," was originally written for ROCKY III.
Source: THR



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