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Karl Urban and Mary-Louise Parker show up on these two new posters for RED


Everyday this week we've presented a new character poster for RED.

While the design may seem simple, I like that they've kept with the feel of the original comic layout for these posters. I think the only actor in this film I'd like to have a character poster of is Julian McMahon.

The last two are for Sarah played by Mary-Louise Parker and Karl Urban as Agent William Cooper. Yesterday, my interview with Urban went up. It is quite lengthy, but he offered a lot of details on this film and made sure to answer all the questions we had. He also gave some deets on his involvement in the next STAR TREK films as well as info on PRIEST, which is still delayed.

Click on the posters below for the hi-res version.

Extra Tidbit: Apparently, everyone on that set was in love with Helen Mirren. Even Parker.
Source: JoBlo.com



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