Karyn Kusama gets into a Rut, Chloe Moretz to join her?

You may know Karyn Kusama as the director behind last year's JENNIFER'S BODY and 2005's AEON FLUX, two films that weren't exactly well-received by either critics or audiences upon release.

But it looks like Kusama will be back at it nevertheless, though this time leaving behind the genre-filmmaking and, as LA Times' 24 Frames puts it, tackling a project that'll take the filmmaker "in a slightly different direction from her previous movies."

Writer-director Kusama will begin developing THE RUT, a film that revolves around "a father-daughter relationship and centers particularly on hunting, as a daughter must learn the tricks of hunting and archery taught to her by her father after said father goes missing." 24 Frames continues, saying that the much sought-after Chloe Mortez (LET ME IN, KICK-ASS) is in talks to play the daughter, making this project suddenly much more interesting.

Kusama has no other projects lined up but Moretz has a whole slew, including this year's LET ME IN and next year's THE FIELDS (directed by Michael Mann's daugther Ami Canaan Mann). She's currently filming on Martin Scorsese's 3D family film HUGO CABRET.
Extra Tidbit: Kusama's GIRLFIGHT with Michelle Rodriguez, won both the Director's Award and the Grand Jury Prize at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival.



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