Kasdan does Titans

Legendary screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan (RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK) has signed on to write the remake of CLASH OF THE TITANS set up at Warner Bros. The original film starred Harry Hamlin as Perseus who is forced to capture Pegasus and to do battle with the Kraken and Medusa to win the hand of Princess Andromeda. Laurence Olivier and Ursula Andress co-starred in the film. So far no director is attached to direct the remake at WB. TITANS is perhaps best known as Ray Harryhausen's last film as STAR WARS was taking off and ILM was winning kudos for its visual effects. Warner Bros. has been trying to get a remake off the ground since 2002 but has had trouble finding a script that worked. Kasdan should be the guy who nails it, even though some of his recent projects have been pretty bad (DREAMCATCHER anyone?). I guess the question remains: without the charm of Harryhausen's work, will audiences turn out for a CLASH OF THE TITANS remake?

Extra Tidbit: Hamlin and Andress had an on-set romance that led to the birth of a son, Dimitri.
Source: Variety



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