Kate Hudson in love

There are some days when you struggle to get moving. It's cold and rainy outside. You're tired and still have sleep in your eyes. You'd really like to just grab some hot chocolate and lay in bed watching REALITY BITES. But you pick yourself up and prepare yourself for your day regardless. And then THIS. Kate Hudson to star in an upcoming weepie romancer about a terminally ill woman who falls in love with her doctor.

Hudson will star alongside Gael Garcia Bernal in EARTHBOUND, a movie that aims to make CITY OF ANGELS look like ERNEST GOES TO CAMP. Though the film currently has a January start date, it isn't yet set up at a studio, which gives me hope that Hollywood has a modicum of restraint (although of Bernal were replaced by a shirtless McConaughey, I can guarantee this would have been snatched up long ago).

Once upon a time Kate Hudson starred in perhaps my favorite movie of the 2000s (ALMOST FAMOUS). Now I think it's just time for me to crawl back into bed.

Extra Tidbit: Kate Hudson is trying to kill me.
Source: Variety



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